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How to.
How to
  • How to update your OCLU camera using OCLU app. The OCLU app is the easiest way to update your camera. Simply download the OCLU app, connect to your camera and navigate to the settings page. Under versions, the app will notify you if there is a new firmware update available.
  • How to manually update your OCLU.
    1. Turn off the camera.
    2. Make sure the camera battery has at least 30% charge.
    3. Download the firmware files.
    4. Copy both firmware files to the root directory of a SD card.
    5. Insert the SD card into camera.
    6. Power on the camera.
    7. The red LED will flash during upgrade, and then turn off indicating the upgrade is complete.
    8. The firmware files will be deleted from the SD card automatically.
    9. Power on the camera and wait until the screen shows "Upgrade Successful". After 2 seconds the screen will show the version number just upgraded.
    10. The Camera will then restart and is ready for use.
  • How to get started.
    1. To power on/off, press and hold the Action button (13).
    2. To choose your preferred language, press NEXT to move down.
    3. the available options, then press SELECT.

    To import the date and time settings from your smartphone, select SET AUTOMATICALLY > SYNC WHEN CONNECTED on the camera. Or set the date and time manually. Select DATE/TIME, then press the + symbol to adjust the selected field. Press NEXT to move between fields. Press SAVE to save and return to the main menu.

    1. Press the Action button (13) to start / stop recording or take a picture in the current mode.
    2. To toggle between the 4 custom modes (M1 / M2 / M3 / M4), press the Bottom select button (12).
    3. To export data from OCLU, use the OcSnap cable provided to connect your device to a computer, or download the OCLU app to transfer files directly to your phone.
  • How to setup modes. The OCLU action camera features the 8 shooting styles. Select and customize these shooting styles to configure your four quick access modes.

    1. To customize your modes, press the menu button (11) > EDIT MODES.
    2. Choose the mode you want to edit by pressing the NEXT button to toggle through modes 1 / 2 / 3 / 4.
    3. Then press SELECT to edit the mode.
    4. Choose a shooting style, then press SELECT. To edit the settings for a mode, press SELECT to edit each attribute. Settings can also be configured easily using the App.
  • How to use LiveCut®. If you record something that you don't want to keep, press the Top button (11) to select CUT. OCLU deletes the currently recording clip and automatically starts recording again. Or press and hold the CUT button to stop the current recording and exit without saving the clip.
  • How to enable sleep mode. Use display sleep. Select (11) > SETTINGS > DISPLAYS > DISPLAY SLEEP to set the top display to turn off after inactivity. Alternatively turn the top display off using the Display state toggle button (15).
  • How to enable one touch record. Toggle one touch record. Select (11) > SETTINGS > ONE TOUCH REC. A single press of the Action button (13) wakes the camera and starts recording in the current mode. A second press stops the recording and turns OCLU off conserving power.
Frequently asked
  • Are OCLU accessories compatible with 3rd party products? All OCLU accessories either follow the typical action camera mounting system or the traditional tripod screw standard. That means both OCLU and its accessories are widely compatible with most 3rd party products.
  • Does the OcLink coupling mount come with every accessory? No. One OcLink comes in the box with the OCLU camera, and this can be used across all of your accessories. Additional OcLinks can be purchased separately on

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