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Frequently Asked Questions

1. General Back to Top

Why should I buy an OCLU?

Many action camera users record so much content they become overwhelmed. Consequently, creating films or even finding the best clips to share becomes time-consuming. The OCLU camera has a unique video recording feature called LiveCut®. This allows you to keep the best and cut the rest, on-the-fly. Now you can end a session with just the clips you wanted, ready to share.

What connectivity does OCLU have?

OCLU has built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. USB 2.0 via the magnetic connector (OcSnap) for charging and file transfer.

What is OCLU's battery life?

OCLU's 1000 mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery gives a typical continuous recording time of 90 minutes with a fully charged battery.

Actual recording time depends on a number of factors including capturing environment temperature, specific SD card in use, the age of the battery, recording mode, and the time during your current session that the camera has been in idle mode.

In idle mode (turned on but not recording), the battery typically runs for 135 mins with the display turned on or 310 mins with the display turned off.

OCLU's batteries are interchangeable so multiple batteries can be taken out into the field so you can keep recording all day.

Can I connect my OCLU to more than one device?

No, OCLU can only be connected to and be controlled by one smartphone at a time.

Can OCLU connect to Wi-Fi (as a remote camera)?

Currently, OCLU cannot connect to a Wi-Fi network to work as a remote camera.

However, you can use your OCLU as a discrete security recording device using motion record. Motion record starts a recording as soon as there is movement within the field of view. To do this, you will need to make sure your OCLU has a constant power supply.

Can I use an OCLU without an SD card?

No, OCLU does not have internal memory so it is necessary to buy a microSD card. We recommend UHS Speed Class 1 (U3) and Class 10 microSD cards to record 4K video and Full HD video (1080p).

How do I charge OCLU?

OCLU may only be charged with the OcSnap cable provided. If this cable is damaged or lost, please purchase a new one from

Why does my OCLU say no SD card?

Make sure that the SD card is correctly inserted in the camera. You can also format the SD card by selecting ERASE ALL MEDIA from the main menu. This will wipe the SD card clean of all data including any potential issues that may have been causing the error.

Does OCLU come with an SD card?

No, SD cards are purchased separately allowing users to select a size that suits their budget.

Can I use an OCLU while it's charging?

Yes. OCLU can be charged at any time without interrupting use.

Can I turn on an OCLU remotely?

No. OCLU can be turned off remotely using the OCLU app but it cannot be turned on.

Is the OCLU App free?

Yes. It can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store and Google Play.

Why is my OCLU not connecting to my computer?

Use a microSD card adapter and verify if it appears in the connected devices. If using the OcSnap cable, make sure that OCLU is turned on and that VIEW FILES has been selected on the camera display.

What's the OCLU story?

OCLU was founded with the belief that your gear should complement your lifestyle. Not complicate it. That's why we built the perfect action camera. Read more on our About page.

2. Getting Started Back to Top

What's in the box?

OCLU comes safely encased inside a durable travel case.

This case also holds the following items:
1. Microfiber bag to clean and protect the camera.
2. OcSnap charge and data transfer cable.
3. OcLink coupling mount to attach OCLU to your accessories.
4. OcVolt 1000 mAh rechargeable battery.

Which SD card should I use with OCLU?

OCLU uses microSD cards (sold separately) of at least Class 10 or UHS-1 rating. UHS-3 is recommended.

How do I turn OCLU on/off?

Press and hold OCLU's shutter button for two seconds to power it on or off.

When powering on, OCLU's LEDs will turn green and its screens will turn on. When powering off, OCLU's screens and LEDs will turn off.

How do I change my camera operating mode?

To toggle between the 4 custom modes (M1 / M2 / M3 / M4), press the Bottom select button.

To change the mode settings select EDIT MODES from the main menu.

How do I charge my OCLU?

Charge OCLU by connecting the OcSnap cable to a USB port.

You can charge the camera when it is on and in use as well as when it is turned off. The LED glows green when the camera is charging. When charging is complete, the LED will turn off.

*Do not charge the camera in wet conditions as this could result in a short circuit. Additionally, do not charge OCLU's battery using 3rd party chargers.

3. Taking Photos and Videos Back to Top

What is LiveCut® for and how do I use it?

LiveCut® allows you to delete unwanted recordings on-the-fly. This means you can finish a session having saved only your best clips that are ready-to-share.

If you record something that you don't want to keep, press the Top select button to select CUT. OCLU deletes the currently recording clip and automatically starts recording again. Or press and hold the Top select button to stop the current recording and exit without saving the clip.

Can I shoot in slow motion?

Yes. The camera supports 1080P @ 120FPS which is 4X slow motion. Many other resolutions can be recorded at 60FPS.

What is the Field of View (FOV)?

The OCLU features a 150° wide angle lens. This is ideal for FOV action capture.

Does my OCLU have SuperView?

Yes, in both 2.7k and FHD 1080P.

SuperView allows you to capture a very immersive wide angle perspective. SuperView takes a 4:3 aspect ratio and dynamically stretches it to a 16:9 aspect ratio. It uses the full height of the camera's sensor that you get with 4:3 meaning that you will see more of the sky and ground assuming you are pointed at the horizon.

**What is dynamic stretching?**

The camera automatically stretches out the sides of the video to fit into the 16:9 frame. The center of the frame is unchanged, only the edges are adjusted.

Does OCLU have image stabilization?

Yes. Electronic image stabilization (EIS) is available at 1080P 30/60FPS.

EIS corrects device shaking that normally results in noticeable image jittering within each frame of video or each still image.

EIS cannot prevent blur from subject movement or extreme camera shaking, but it is engineered to minimize blur from normal handheld lens shaking.

Is there a time-lapse function?

Yes, you can create automatic time-lapse videos as well as using multi-photo to create high-resolution sequential frames.

How is the sound quality?

OCLU records sound at PCM 48kHz 16bit. There is the option of stereo sound or you can switch between mono front or top microphones in order to focus sound or reduce wind buffeting.

How do I make the batteries last longer?

1. Use display sleep. Press the Top select button to select MENU then navigate to SETTINGS > DISPLAYS > DISPLAY SLEEP to set the top display to turn off after periods of inactivity. Alternatively, turn the top display off using the Display state toggle button.

2. Toggle one touch record. Select SETTINGS > ONE TOUCH REC. A single press of the action button wakes the camera and starts recording in the current mode. A second press stops the recording and turns OCLU off conserving power.

3. Disable Wi-Fi when not using the App.

4. In cold conditions, keep the battery warm.

For sustained use, connect the OcSnap cable to power OCLU on-the-go.

4. Specifications and Care Back to Top

Is OCLU water resistant?

OCLU is water resistant to IPX7 when not inside its OcShell. That means it is capable of being submersed 1M underwater for 30 mins. Before using OCLU in wet environments, visually inspect the door latch to ensure that it is properly closed.

We recommend that you do not submerge OCLU underwater without being enclosed within the OcShell. The OcShell is IPX8 water resistant to 50M. The OcShell's hydrophobic glass lens will repel water droplets and eliminates lens blur due to its flat optic. Be sure to secure the latch on the OcShell before submerging it in water. After use in salt water, rinse OcShell in fresh water before air drying.

If moisture makes its way into your OCLU, quickly power your camera off. Allow the camera to fully air dry, and then gently wipe the exterior with a microfiber cloth.

How do I clean the camera lens?

You should use the free microfiber bag provided to clean your OCLU's lens.
First, use fresh water to wash off any grit. Then, in a circular motion starting from the center and working your way towards the edge, wipe the lens using the microfiber bag. This will assist in cleaning the lens and in moving debris away from the center of the image.

How do I care for my OCLU?

When not in use, store your OCLU in its provided microfiber bag and travel case. The microfiber bag will protect & clean its lens and displays.

The lens is exposed in order to achieve the wide viewing angle. Try not to rest or drop OCLU on its lens as it can be scratched.

If you are not using your OCLU for extended periods of time, remove the battery and place it into the battery slot in the travel case.

How do I update OCLU's Firmware?

To update OCLU's Firmware:
- Download the latest App update from the App Store or Google Play.
- Ensure a compatible microSD card is inserted in OCLU.
- Connect OCLU to your phone via Wi-Fi.
- Launch the OCLU App.
- Enter Settings > Version > Update firmware.
- Keep your camera and phone connected until the update completes.
- The App will download the firmware onto the microSD card of your OCLU.

Note: OCLU needs at least 30% battery before updating its firmware. Charge OCLU to above 30% before updating. Keeping your OCLU up-to-date also ensures you enjoy the best camera experience possible.

What kind of battery does OCLU use?

OCLU uses a custom 1000 mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery.

How does OCLU operate in extreme temperatures?

OCLU should not be stored or used in extreme temperatures. OCLU's operating temperatures are between -10°C and 40°C.

If OCLU becomes too hot or too cold, it will automatically shut down to protect its internal components. If you are using OCLU when this happens, OCLU will stop recording, save the video to your SD card, and power off. We recommend removing OCLU's battery to allow the camera to get back to a normal temperature before using again.

How do I format the SD card?

Formatting the microSD card is an easy way to remove its contents and free up space for new photos and videos. The original structure and partitions on the SD card are restored during formatting, which ensures optimal performance. It's best to regularly format the SD card for the best experience.

Important Note: Formatting the SD card will delete its contents. Export and save its contents before formatting it.

To format your SD card on the camera:
Menu > Erase all media > Select the tick using the Bottom select button.

To format your SD card using the OCLU app:
Settings > Format SD card.

What SD cards are compatible with OCLU?

List of cards that have been tested and shown to work well with OCLU.

  • Name
  • Model
  • Compatible
  • Lexar Professional 32gb
  • Yes
  • Sandisk Pixtor 32gb
  • Yes
  • Sandisk Pixtor 64gb
  • Yes
  • Samsung Pro Endurance 32gb
  • MB-MJ32GA/AM
  • Yes
  • Samsung Pro Endurance 64gb
  • MB-MJ64GA/AM
  • Yes
  • Samsung Pro Endurance 128gb
  • MB-MJ128GA/AM
  • Yes
  • Sandisk Extreme Pro 64gb
  • Yes
  • Sandisk Extreme Pro 128gb
  • Yes
  • Samsung Evo 64gb
  • MB-MP64GA/AM
  • Yes
  • Sandisk Extreme 128gb
  • SDSQXA1-128G-GN6MA
  • Yes

Testing methodology:

- Recording for 10 minutes at 1080p120.
- Recording for 10 minutes at 4k30.
- Reviewing the footage on a computer to make sure there are no video errors.

OCLU only supports up to 128gb SD cards.

5. Saving and Sharing Back to Top

How do I review my content?

Content can be reviewed on:
- The OCLU camera top display
- The OCLU mobile App
- Or your personal computer

To review content on the camera, select MENU > PLAYBACK > then select either VIDEO or PHOTO.

To review content on your mobile phone, connect to the App, then select Adventures.

To review content on your computer, either insert the microSD card into your computer or connect the OcSnap cable. Once the OcSnap cable is connected to your computer, you will be prompted to select VIEW FILES or CHARGE. Select the VIEW FILES option. OCLU will then become visible as a drive on your computer. Your media is contained in the AMBA Folder.

How do I share OCLU content from the App?

Connect to the OCLU App. Select Adventures, then select either single or multiple thumbnails and tap the download icon. Once content is downloaded, it will appear in the local tab where it can be shared from the App. All content inside the local folder can be found in the OCLU Album in your default photos application.

Can I connect OCLU to a phone without Wi-Fi?

No, OCLU uses Wi-Fi to sync media to your device.

How do I connect OCLU to my computer?

To extract media from your OCLU, you can either:

1. Remove the microSD card (located inside the battery door), then insert it directly into your computer. OCLU will then become visible as a drive.

2. Connect OCLU via the OcSnap USB cable > Turn OCLU on > Select View files > OCLU will then become visible as a drive.

6. OCLU Accessories Back to Top

Are OCLU accessories compatible with 3rd party products?

All OCLU accessories either follow the typical action camera mounting system or the traditional tripod screw standard. That means both OCLU and its accessories are widely compatible with most 3rd party products.

Does the OcLink coupling mount come with every accessory?

No. One OcLink comes in the box with the OCLU camera, and this can be used across all of your accessories. Additional OcLinks can be purchased separately on

Can OCLU charge and be powered with external chargers?

Yes. You can plug in OCLU to any external battery that uses a USB port. This allows you to record beyond the duration of the internal battery.